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1) What to look for on your next credit card statement.
You will see the name “Square”, “Shopify” or “Paypal” on your statement in the amount you have agreed to. You may or may not see the terms “Breastfeeding Café” or “New Baby New Paltz” or “Donna Bruschi, IBCLC.”

2) What if you don’t receive anything?

If you use Gmail:
If you’re using Gmail, it’s unlikely that you will see the email. That’s because Gmail puts emails directly into the “Promotions” or “Updates” folders, or sends it to spam. Instead, try clicking on Promotions or Updates in the categories menu, or ALL MAIL which shows ALL of your mail, except spam.

When you find the email, drag it into your Inbox. That will tell Gmail that you wish to receive the information from me in your Inbox and not some random folder. (This will help for a little while, anyway.)

If you have any difficulty,

If in doubt, don’t wait until you are sweaty and frustrated! 

Email me right away at If I don’t respond, please call/text me at 845-750-4402. Remember, if it’s during the day, I may be with a client, but I will respond within 2 hours.

If I don’t respond within 2 hours, call/text me again. When you phone, please leave a voicemail or text because I’m no longer returning random numbers only to have Sidney of SpamMe Finance try to talk to me (again) about my pre-approval for low-cost business financing.

Please call me with your questions. I am here to help you and you are not bothering me, because this is how I work.

Thank you, again!

Donna Bruschi, IBCLC